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the gifted children : RELATED PROJECTS 
the gifted children have a family tree with branches reaching out to all sorts of other completely unknown bands. Some of them are quite good, while others are the embarrassing memories of teen years. This part of the site traces all of the good and the bad bands that any longtime members have ever been involved with. You have been warned...
alexander strung
Art of Hot, the
Blue Blaze Irregular
Eisenhower America
emma and jeff
fanny magnet
Four Guys in a Room on a Bed
Gonzo and the Two Guys in the Balcony
jeff s.
jeff suszczynski
justin sheehan
Lazarus Go Home
Los Petardos
makeshift letterbox
Ned Strickland
Nine Years Running
Power Trip
Quick Irv
the make it so
the reginald pantry
the strungs
Winkybean and the Fuzzy Snuggleducks


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